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FundraisingMom.com explores new and innovative online fundraising ideas that are made possible because of internet technology.  

School fundraising, church fundraising, fundraising for animal or ecology groups, and all other nonprofit fundraiser campaigns can now benefit tremendously just by having a website!

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The idea for this site came to me while I was bedridden for six weeks after suffering a back injury. At the time, I had already volunteered to be the fundraiser for my son's preschool.

Since I was tired of selling bad pizzas and over priced gift wrap, my fundraising idea was to try an eBay auction selling the school's family's unwanted "junk". When my back went out, we had to delay the auction by 2 months.

My husband set up the computer in my bed and I started researching how I could fundraise for the school in other ways.

My mind SWIRLED with the possibilities!

There are so many new and innovative ways to fundraise using the internet!

The first step is setting up a website for your cause that has a clear design, that gets many visitors and encourages the visitors to come back again and again. 

Next is to choose the different internet fundraising campaigns that will suite your website.  In some cases it might be just setting up a few links and the money could start pouring in!

For example, if your member/supporter pool consists of people who run their own businesses, then a lucrative internet fundraiser could be to encourage them to buy their inkjets from the link on your site.   (Some inkjet companies will give up to 60% cash back on all purchases made through your website!)

Or if your group consists of members who love to shop then encourage them to help your cause by using the shopping mall on your site.  

Naturally, there is initial work in setting up the internet fundraising campaigns, but if you choose and do them properly the rewards could be tremendous.  

Here, I would like to share my ideas, thoughts, and experiences with you and I hope you will do the same!

Begin by combing through this website, read every page and choose the fundraising ideas that will work for you.  I would be interested to know if you have any other fundraising ideas that I did not cover and how these ideas worked for you!

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Fundraising Ideas Using: eBay, Half.com, Inkjets, CafePress.com, Shopping Malls, Newsstands, Amazon, Get Paid Guides, Selling Products, Webmaster Services, Direct Donations

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